News Flash! – Planners put off a decision on the theatre application!

It appears that the Lewes Repertory Theatre’s application is now being ‘kicked into the long grass’. The SDNPA planners have withdrawn the application from the committee meeting on 9 October! What are they up to? The National Park had originally decided that this application should be heard at the same time as the one for the building demolition and construction of a Premier Inn. Well, just at the last minute officials at East Sussex County Council and Lewes District Council have found reasons for querying the application which means that a decision on this theatre application is going to be put off for at least a month. However, the application by Quora for the demolition of the existing building and the construction of an hotel and shops etc IS going to be considered on the 9th! It seems that the developer of the Premier Inn is being allowed a ‘clear field’ before the theatre application is brought to committee for decision. We are unsure of what this means but it’s clearly not very fair or democratic!

We will update this website as soon as we have more information. In the meantime please do sign the petition and let the SDNPA know of your support:

Click here for a link to the planning website

Click here to sign the petition

Thank you!

PS – there is still time to give your comments on the Premier Inn development. Please click here.

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